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K2: Brotherhood of the Rope
Do you feel the American team led by Chris Warner was an effective team or just a group of climbers? Please explain while incorporating the class reading(s). How did you see “Leadership is a Conversation” displayed with the various teams on the mountain? {2 pages only, referencing page-3 allowed}

You have to use referencing for incorporating class readings, you can reference:

Why should anyone be led by you? HBR

Becoming the Boss HBR

Is shared leadership the key to success? HBR


  1. What is the format required for Case Write-Ups?
    2 page maximum – double-spaced, 12 pt times new roman font, 1” margins on all sides. Thereason for this is two-fold; (1) Part of being an effective leader and communicator is being able to express your thoughts concisely, (2) To create an even playing field for assessment
  2. What is the grading rubric for the case write-ups??
    • –  Criteria 1 – The extent to which readings (articles) are incorporated into the case analysis
      (when relevant)
    • –  Criteria 2 – The quality of the analysis of the case including depth of analysis and
      organization of ideas
    • –  Criteria 3 – Stating a position and developing a compelling argument to support that position
      or stating a recommendation and developing a compelling argument for that
    • –  Additionally, I will be looking for proper citations of ideas (if not your own), grammar,
      spelling, and adhering to proper format.

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