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Boulder and gravel

Today the Captain was busy trying to teach his parrot, Avast, to speak. Oscar “Dishrag” Lugg made a recording of the Avast’s attempt to say, “Good Morning!” We found it quite amusing:

With the Captain busy, the crew has been taking turns steering the ship. All was going well until Toothless Frownin’ Marie Bellamy took the helm. The ship was almost to 13.17°N, 59.56°W when it ran into a sandbar. Email the Captain the name of the landmass of these coordinates to leave a good impression! This will no doubt set our return back to Florida by at least a week! While Marie is getting a personal tour of the plank, the Captain left you the following task to complete.

The Captain’s Orders

To help you understand the oceanic world, you’ll need to refresh your mapping and navigational skills.  There is a computer on the Captain’s desk. You’ll need to use it to get the bearings for the Captain. Answer the following questions using your survival skills and the internet.