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9. What is the gross payroll accrued through 5/31?A. $8,303.69 C. $11,072.65B. $8,688.64 D. $33,991.5712the second worksheet is for the questions 2 and 31. Amy has offered to convert an accounts payable obligation to a Note. How does she record this in her Bookkeeping?

A. Debit cash; Credit Accounts payable

B. Debit Accounts payable; Credit revenue

C. Debit accounts payable; Credit notes payable

D. Debit notes payable; Credit accounts payable2. To compute the amount to be paid for the brads on purchase invoice NO.109, you should multiply .59 by?

A.11,500 B.115,000 C.1,150 D.1153.what amount should be credited to purchases returns and allowances from credit memo NO.24?

A.$2.25 B.$110.45 C.112.70 D.114.954. when would a business use a note versus Accounts payable?

A. when the amount is large

B. when the payment terms are over a longer time

C. when the customer has bad credit

D. when the customer has good credit 

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