What is a leader response (latisha)

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Leadership is defined as having the ability to influence the behavior of others socially, instituting change, educating, leading the way in the desired direction and leaving a lasting impression.(Manning,2021).  A leader teaches employment skills, mentors and advises people directly(manning,2021). Leadership comes with earning a higher income than others and leaders are shown respect by other groups.  Leaders possess a wealth of knowledge for ideas and information  sharing(Manning,2021).  In an organization leadership is important because of the influence it has on service quality and business performance(Aboramadan, M et al, 2020).  It is vital that organizational leaders acquire integrity, vision and aspiration to be successful when working with employees to meet organizational objective or goals(Aboramadan, M et al, 2020).  Organizational leaders contribute to more benefits in the workplace as to human resources in the organization. Organizational leaders who influence the attitudes, behaviors, effectiveness and performance are crucial to an organization(Aboramadan, M et al, 2020).  Participative leadership type is most effective where decision making is shared by leader and follower(Manning,2021).  Leaders utilize ideas of followers to guide final decisions which keeps them engaged during the process of job performance or fulfilling the objective.  

Manning, George. The Art of Leadership. McGraw-Hill Higher Education (US), 2018. [Bookshelf Ambassadored]


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