What is a leader reaponse (l)

1/2-1 page response to this discussion…include 1 scholarly reference 

Leadership can be defined as the act of influencing others.  A leader is able to guide others to achieve goals by using motivation and direction.  Great leadership can provide change and a way to achieve positive outcomes   A great leader can gather people, motivate them to do their best and produce positive outcomes for the organization (Manning & Curtis, 2019).  Not all leaders have great leadership skills.  A person may be great in one situation but not in another.  A leader has to have integrity and care about others.  Often leaders can be appointed or selected due to a long track record and this does not always produce great leadership (Prinsloo & De Klerk, 2020).  I find nursing supervisors are often put into supervisory positions due to the fact they have worked there for a long period of time, not necessarily because they will be good leaders.

     The role of the leader is very important for an organization.  It will determine how people are motivated to achieve profitable outcomes.  If a leader is self-absorbed, has poor integrity, shows lack of being able to be flexible, or poor communication, it can be detrimental to the organization (Tracy, 2017).  To be effective, I believe a leader has to have a little of each type of leadership.  The leader must have qualities of a traditional and individualistic leader, but also incorporate participative leadership styles.  The leader must motivate but also direct employees, empower employees but make final decisions, be a leader but empower the people.  The control should be shared among the leader and the employees (Manning & Curtis, 2019). 


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