Western society annotated bibliography | HY 1020 – Western Civilization II | Columbia Southern University

I need a Two page paper on this Topic & it must be completed by 3 pm Tuesday 25, 2018.

Here’s the Instruction:

Form a comparison between the British Industrial Revolution as well as the American and French political revolutions. Using this mental comparison, you will provide your own definition of revolution in the 18th and early 19th Centuries, following the instructions in Step 3. To support your definition, you will use an example of a catalyst from each of the three revolutions. 

Step 1: Choose an appropriate source. At least one source must be related to or come from the CSU Online Library or an Academic One-file.  You MAY use additional resources, but those sources cannot include Wikipedia, biography.com, history.com, or other encyclopedias. I REPEAT you CAN use other ONLINE RESOURCES just not the ones listed in the previous sentence, and don’t forget to have one Academic Resource.

Step 2: Complete your research. Choose at least one interesting experience from each of the three revolutions that illustrates the main points that you want to make about the greater impact of revolution on Western society. 

Step 3: Draw conclusions, and prepare your thesis. 

Once you have done your research and have gathered enough information about your chosen example events, you should sit back to think about what they meant in a cultural view to see if you notice any trends and to have a better sense of what you want to convey about the time. Your thesis statement should offer your reader overall insight into the experiences you have chosen. Use the following guidelines to help decide on your thesis: 

Define the term revolution in your own words, and defend that definition using the catalysts that gave reason for the revolts and the processes, major innovations, and the overall impact on Western society as seen between 1775 and 1850 in these three countries. 

A complete answer must include a minimum of one example from each of the three events that you can use to illustrate a significant change to that society. 

The final product should illustrate a revolution’s impact on the complete society, which could include government, economics, religion, and social roles. 

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