Week 2 discussion 2 | GEN 104: College Reading Strategies | Ashford University

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The word I chose was JUDGE. When I think of the word judge I think of someone making a decision based on a persons life, how someone does things period. You judge people in everyday life. There are judges in the court room, judges at talent shows, as well as judges in certain types of competitions. We are all judged in life by someone. 

The dictionaries definition of judge there were no words or phrases that I did not understand. All of the terms and phrases were all that I have heard before. I was very familiar with what I was reading and I understood the different definitions just fine. 

There was not much difference in my definition of the word and how the dictionary described the word. Our definition was actually quite the same in many ways. We both described the word as meaning people being judged by an public official, as well as being judged at some sorts of competitions. As well as being judged by all types of critics in this world. We are judged by how we walk, talk, dress, and several things that we do on a day to day basis. We form an opinion on several different things that people do around us, as well as vise versa people form opinions on what we do. 

Misunderstanding a word can impact the way you do your work and your ability to get the best grades on your assignments. As students we need to make sure that if you do not fully understand a word that you take the extra mile to look up the word in your dictionary so that it does not cause you to get a failing grade on your assignments. Understanding is so important weather your doing school work or in your everyday walk of life. 

Respond to the above response by completing the following:

  • Before reading the entire post, reflect on the word your peer selected and what you think it means.
  • Share whether your interpretation of your peers’ chosen words was similar or different from both their initial interpretations as well as the dictionary definition.
  • Your response should be at least 100 words.