Week 2 assignment | Economics homework help

The Bharti Airtel in Africa case study illustrates some of the unanticipated challenges that a company can encounter when it moves into a new and unfamiliar market. Bharti Airtel had challenges acquiring labor and management to support its operations and marketing to consumers as it expanded into different African countries.

After reading the Bharti Airtel in Africa (2012) case study, submit a memo to Mr. Mittal that provides the following:

  • Your recommended strategy for Airtel in Africa, with particular emphasis on reaching its emerging middle class. Your recommendation must include an explanation for how your proposed strategy would help Airtel overcome some of the obstacles posed by the wide cultural differences across countries within Africa.
  • Your evaluation of at least three potential risks of your proposed strategy and how you would mitigate them.

Be sure to support your recommendations with evidence and examples from your course materials, the case study, and other research you conduct related to this topic.

2 pages in APA format. Due in 12 hours

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