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Please read the articles titled, “Clarify What’s Important to You” (in the course packet).  Then, address the following THREE points. Note: Your submission should be no more than 4 double-spaced pages in length (Times New Roman Font, 1 inch margins and font size 12). Please bring this assignment to class in HARD COPY, stapled.   a. The “Clarify What’s Important to You” reading provides a list of core values (in a table towards the end).  Identify three values that are most important to you and explain how each of these three values have influenced key decisions you have made in your life.  b. Describe two ethically challenging situations that you experienced. One in which you spoke up, and one in which you did not speak up. Which of the values that you identified in part a were challenged in each of these situations? What did you do (or not do), and what was the result in each case? What factors (e.g., individual, situational, organizational) were present that influenced whether or not you spoke up? How did you feel based on the outcome of each situation? c. Most of us have faced adversity, difficulties or failures in our lives. Identify how your values played a role in your overcoming one such situation. How are you stronger /better /smarter /wiser now as a result of facing that situation? 

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