Unit 10 deliverables: 1. capsim core competition round 6 and 2.

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Here is the Unit 10 module 6:


Unit 10 seminar presentation and also the Unit 10 learning Activity step 4 and 5 is on there. 


1. Deliverable 1 (Unit 10 Learning Activity): PPT Presentation: 

I have already done the first 2 which i added the screen shot. All that needs to be done is slides 3-5 and the references which i have added the link for sources you can use for unit 10 module 6. Here is the steps to do for the PPT:


Step 4. On slides 3 through 5 of your PowerPoint presentation, verbally discuss and debrief your management team on the performance figures from the Round 6 proforma and Capsim Core Competition Round 6 Reports. Elaborate on the successes and failures of each department in detail and give strategic direction to each department manager.


Step 5. Declare yourself a winner or loser of the simulation game. Identify your strategic thinking strengths and weaknesses.  

2. Deliverable 2 Unit 10 Assignment is the paper:

Here are some links but it will also be on the attachment for you to click as well:


To help guide your understanding of developing a policy manual, use the following two library resources:

  1. McConnell, J. H. (2005). How to develop essential hr policies and procedures. [Books24x7 version]. Retrieved from: http://common.books24x7.com.lib.kaplan.edu/toc.aspx?bookid=8852
  2. Page, S. B. (2009). Writing exceptional policies and procedures. [Books24x7 version] Retrieved from: http://common.books24x7.com.lib.kaplan.edu/toc.aspx?bookid=30886 

Here are the policy template and examples for the paper but it will also be on the assignment attachment as a link as well to click:


Your policies should be written using “Active Voice”

Im sure you have all the other Core reports since working with me and you can go based off those too plus this one to help with this writing one.