Understanding response and recovery 2

Response and recovery are often matters of life and death. Preplanning
is part of response and recovery. Your boss loved the work you did in
forum 3. You have just been appointed the new emergency manager for
your agency. Before you, no one did anything in this area. Your boss
calls you back in and wants to know where to start and what to do
regarding these functional areas. (He or she is concerned with the
agency itself, not so much the community or customers you serve at
this point.)

Tell us what you would tell your boss and how you would go about this
task. Be specific and detailed.

Your boss is going to move forward based on what you tell him or her.
This includes many things, such as response, recovery, and all of
their sub components, such as but not limited to redundancy,
resiliency, continuity of operations planning, training, equipping,
budgeting, etc. You only get one chance to get it right with your boss
to start all of this off correctly. Be detailed. (For this post, you
do not need to cover mitigation or preparedness functions again.) What
does the Bible say about response and recovery?

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