To create a foreign market entry business plan for taking an american

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International Business Project


Objective:  To create a foreign market entry business plan for taking an American consumer product into a foreign country.


Project outline


1.     Size of market (Project demographics, socioeconomic state, urban/rural).


2.     Sociocultural acceptance of product-is adaptation necessary?


3.     Legal/bureaucratic environment (imports, local manufacture, taxation).


4.     Competition in market.


5.     Economic and political climate for foreign business.


6.     Methods for marketing and distribution.


7.     Managerial and labor climate.


8.     Financial viability(profit margin, currency translation, profit repatriation)


Project Report


The report will essentially cover all topics in the outline plus an executive summary, introduction (country and product), and recommendations.  The report will be word-processed, about 20 pages (double-spaced) and will have an appendix that contains exhibits and a complete bibliography of source.  Examples are maps of the country, table, and charts.


Project Presentation


The project will be presented to the class in the week prior to the final examination.  Thirty minutes will be allotted to each team.  Each member will participate in the presentation.  Develop appropriate visual supports.


Country be Mexico 


Product you choose by yourself 

But you have to choice something popular.