The ttp-4 – project resources and costs | ifsm 438

. The TTP-4 – Project Resources and Costs is due as shown in the schedule. The assignment instructions are attached. Use the weekly readings to understand the concepts and what is required for the assignment. You much Know about Microsoft Project please. I need it done with in 12 hours

References and Sources:

  • Should use the textbook and at least 2 references from academically credible sources with APA formatted citation (in-text)
  • References list must be in APA format (single-spaced)
  • All entries in the References list must be used as in-text citations

Writing Quality:

  • Include an APA-format cover page
  • Cover page should include Project Deliverable number and title, i.e., “TEAM 7 Projecteers – ITP-2 – WBS with Durations.doc”

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