The question is in the discription.

Natural Selection


The table is done. I did it myself and question 1 and 3 are done.

Trial Red Blue Violet Yellow

1        2      3       2         3

2        3      3       1         3

3        2      3       2         3

4        3      2       4         1

Total 10    11     9       10



Write your answers to the following questions in the essay box below:

  1. How many of each color were left after trial 4?

    – Red= 6, Blue= 7, Violet= 8, Yellow= 6

  1. If each square represented an individual in a population of beetles, what do you think the construction paper color represented?


  1. Did you end up with an equal amount of squares for each color? If not, why do you think some colors had more squares left than others?

    – Yes, Red and Yellow had an equal amount of squares.

  1. What did picking up squares represent?

  1. What did adding squares represent?

  1. How does this activity simulate natural selection?

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