Technology and communication needs and skills module1 diss 3 8080


Technology based communication tools are often effective for building professional and learning communities online. Effective tools can serve as a space for personal reflection and a place to organize and share thoughts and ideas. These tools can also function as a place to collect, exchange, and discuss resources. Experts and colleagues can collaborate and contribute to the content as well.

This week, you consider your experience, skills, and needs as they relate to effective communication tools for professional interactions.

300 words minium

To Prepare

Review the Walden Technology Proficiencies Document in the Resources. Think about the ways in which you use technology to facilitate communication and your professional interactions. What tools do you use on a regular basis? What tools would you like to be able to use? What tools do you think would serve your clients and colleagues best?

Post your responses to the following questions:

· What skills do you have in relation to communication technology? For example, do you have a blog, do you use Skype, do you maintain a presence on LinkedIn or Facebook (for purposes of professional communication, focus on LinkedIn), do you have a website, and so forth?

· What kinds of communication needs do you have related to your work setting?

· What kinds of communication needs do you have related to your professional growth and development?

· How do your skills and familiarity with tools enhance and inhibit your communications?

· What can you do to strengthen your technology-based communication skills?

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