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Discuss and critique the content of a long-format TV interview program.

Clearly identify the program in your opening response. I want to know the date of the program, where you viewed it and you might even offer a reason as to why you selected that particular show.

Questions to consider:

  1. What is the nature of the program?
  2. Who is the host and does the host have an agenda? (Hint: Most do).
  3. What are the questions?
  4. What reaction did the interviewee have to the line of questions?

Think more along the line of Inside the Actors Studio or one of the many shows mentioned in the textbook and less along the line of Dr. Phil.

Focus on production rather than content. Approach the assignment as if you might write for the show.

If, for example you were to do an analysis of one of the three late night shows, I could care less about the content of the 10 minute monologue (they’re all basically the same) but how do they transition into the first guest, to a commercial break, back from the break to introducing the next guest.

Did they use a tease to open?

How are the questions for the guest prepared?

Can you tell the host is asking a question of a guest for a specific reason–for example the guest said “I want to talk about . . . .” Sometimes this is so obvious it can’t be missed.

Punctuation, spelling, grammar, paragraphing all count toward the final grade.

This is your blog for Chapter 7. Submit your response on Brightspace before the deadline. If you have questions about the show you select or want to select contact me.

As always, tell me a story.