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I need the following completed:


Prepare the following components 

o Section II: Issue Description

o Write a fully developed issue description that (a) identifies the contemporary issue in education; (b) provides a relevant context and background of the issue; and (c) justifies the relevance of the issue in relation to your organization or discipline.

o Ensure the description reaches the 350-word minimum.

o Ensure the description is formatted according to APA guidelines (cover page not needed).

o Sections III & IV: Impact and Legal Analyses

o Identify 3 empirical, peer-reviewed sources that will be used in your impact and legal analyses sections (a minimum of one per section).

o Provide the following for each source:

o APA formatted reference

o 100- to 150-word content summary that clearly explains how the source will inform the analysis section

 I am submitting my intro to reference from.

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