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Over my many years of teaching this Old Testament story has been one of the most popular of them all.  Joseph is a charming, delightful character, but there are things about his personality that upset other family members, especially his brothers.  His ability to use dreams as prophecy to foretell future events makes him stand out among his peers, and everybody recognizes that remakable talent.  This story is over 2000 years old.

Genesis 37 NKJV – Joseph Dreams of Greatness – Now Jacob – Bible Gateway 

Read Genesis 37 – 45 (skip genesis #38).  You can scroll through the text using the forward/backwards arrows.

Writing assignment.  Discuss Joseph as a visionary (think of his prophetic dreams which always come true) and a man of action.  Two and a half pages minimum with 5 “quotations”  Please underline your “quotations” so I can spot them quickly.  And feel free to use longer quotations by all means.