Stats project chart | stats | California State University, Fullerton

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1) Explain how the graphic “Heels for Everyday” is misleading. Type in at least 20 words to fully describe the bias (any misleading features) you can find.

2) Generate a more correct graphic to display these qualitative data. In Word, click on “Insert”, click on “Chart”, and choose 1 of the following options: “Column”, “Pie” or “Bar”. Make sure you have appropriate axis labels if you had chosen to generate a Pareto Chart or have appropriate color-coded legends if you had chosen to generate a Pie Chart. Treat me like an average person out there trying to understand your graphic.


  • As a registered student, you can use “Office 365” for FREE – just click on “Office 365” on the left side.
  • You will type in your full name and full FC Student ID number at the upper left corner of your paper.
  • You will NOT receive credit for a hand-drawn graph.
  • Your submitted document is to be saved in the following file format: doc, Docx, pdf