Social justice | socia | A.T. Still University of Health Sciences

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Essay Title:     

A Critical evaluation of the distributive justice and the Policy on the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights in Intellectual Disability in saint john of God services (SJOG) in Ireland.

  • Guidelines
    • You        are asked to write an applied essay
    • –Here you may develop your        understanding of the various theories we examine and take a case study        to apply your understanding of social justice to social care/social        justice arenas of practice.
    • This        can be an application to your current field of work
    • e.g.
      • –A critical evaluation of the         distributive justice focus in the public policy of Focus Ireland (or         Social Justice Ireland or Children’s Rights Alliance etc);–
      • A         critical evaluation of the Healthy Ireland Framework 2019-2025 from a         social justice perspective.

This is an opportunity to evaluate the various theories about social justice you encounter during this module, and to develop your own reading around the themes you select, and to critically apply them to the the current field of social care in Ireland. 

  • Essay      DraftTyping and Presentation Format  

Please submit your essay title and a draft (300 words) outline of your essay, with bibliography on or before the 10th December, 2020. Only when your essay title and outline is approved can you proceed with your essay.