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You and your collaborative team have been asked to write a short preliminary inspection report on the condition of a historic building for your state historical society. Inspecting the building, the home of a famous late-nineteenth-century governor, you discover the problems listed below. Include all these details in your report. Also supply recommendations for your readers: a director of the state historical society, a state architect, and four representatives of the subcommittee on finance from your state legislature. Design two appropriate visuals to include in your report. 

1.The eight front columns are all in need of repair; two of them may have to be replaced. 

2.The area below each bottom window casement needs to be excavated for waterproofing.

3.The slate tile on the roof has deteriorated and needs immediate replacement. 

4.The front stairs show signs of mortar leaching and require attention at once. 

5.Sections of gutters on the northwest and northeast sides of the house must be changed; other gutters are in fair shape. 

6.Wood shutters need to be repainted; four of the twelve may even need to be replaced. 7.All trees around the house need pruning; an old elm in the backyard shows signs of decay.

8.The siding is in desperate need of preparation and painting. 

9.The brick near the front entrance is dirty and moss-covered.

A site inspection report is a type of trip report (see pp. 576-77) You are functioning as an outside consultant here, so your report should be fully formatted as the type of document used for external communications. Remember that part of your task is to prioritize your observations of the house’s problems based on degree of severity, so don’t simply repeat the language of the exercise statement.  Remember also that you must recommend a course of action, and include two appropriate visuals.

And this online resource:

InspectAPedia, How to Write a Home Inspection Report

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