Self-reflection assignment: it takes more than a major 350-500 word

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The purpose of this assignment is to read the key findings of the study “It Takes More Than a Major (Links to an external site.)” and reflect upon how you can best meet the challenges of college and your future workplace. In this essay, you will demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving by analyzing the key findings of the study and the real-world application of those findings to your own life.

One of the key findings was that a majority of future employers place a high value on what the study calls “cross-cutting capacities,” such as “critical thinking, complex problem-solving, written and oral communication, and applied knowledge in real-world settings.” Further, future employers also emphasized the importance of innovation, ethical judgment, and intercultural skills. (Links to an external site.)


As someone currently taking general education courses, you are poised to think about how best to acquire these skills through your coursework and real-world experiences at the beginning of your college career. For this assignment, you should reflect on the key findings and how you can apply them to your own education. In your short essay of 350-500 words, consider the following questions:

What general skills, like those emphasized in the study findings, do you think will be most important for your future career goals?

What courses are you taking in college that will help you acquire the cross-cutting capacities and desire for learning and innovation that so many future employers want?

How can you ensure that you dedicate attention to acquiring a broad knowledge in the liberal arts and the sciences? What specific things can you do to make sure you are a competitive applicant on the market in the future?

Tip: Before you submit the final draft of you assignment, make sure that you have used Grammarly to help you catch any grammatical or mechanical errors, as well as learn how to avoid common mistakes in future essays. Refer to the Grade Guidelines page to see the descriptions for “Achieves Excellence”, “Exceeds Expectations”, “Meets Expectations”, etc.

Assignment Rubric

A “Self-Reflection” essay that “Achieves Excellence” will be distinguished in the following criteria.

  • The writer clearly demonstrates that he or she has read and understood the key findings of the study, “It Takes More Than A Major”.
  • The writer discusses the general skills most important to his or her major and future career goals.
  • The writer discusses the college courses he or she is taking (or will take) that will help him or her achieve “cross-cutting” capacities and foster the desire for learning and innovation.
  • The writer discusses how he or she will dedicate attention to acquiring broad knowledge in the liberal arts and the sciences.
  • The writer discusses specific things he or she can do to ensure competitiveness in the job market.
  • The writer demonstrates critical thinking about the topic.
  • The writer meets or excels at the standards of composition including clarity, accuracy, precision, logic, fairness, and significance.
  • The writer’s essay is 350-500 words in length.

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