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For the future courses I embark on, I will have to add grit and time-management to my best self. Throughout the course there has been many great topics we have discussed but grit and time-management have stuck to me the most. Having the grit to go through a situation is all we can hope for because life is full of unwanted and tricky situations. As we count down the final days of this class, I have already been assigned my next classes. I will admit, I was pretty overwhelmed just like the first time few days of this course. I stuck it through and learned how we can adapt to almost anything in life. I’m sure my fellow classmates and I will do great as we continue to take on classes as long as we keep moving forward with a positive mental attitude. In the time I have took this course I have made a variety of schedules until I found the one that suited me well. I took the lessons learned from the time-management module on how to help me surpass this class and I am confident I can do the same with future classes. 

Reflection on the past is how we move forward in life and make better decisions. Having a clear vision for the future is only possible by understanding the past. As I stated earlier, I have adapted now to the class modules and time-management. I can only understand how far I will go, by understanding how far I have come. When I encounter a great challenge, I can reflect on my past and how far I have come to encourage myself that I can succeed in future obstacles. 

When Greg Fowler stated the series of questions, all of them were great, but one touched my soul. “Am I being the person I want to be?”. Everything that motivates me now is becoming the person I have always wanted to be. I hated who I was in my teenage and early adult years until I learned that I can break free of the shackles people had on me. People around me told me that I wouldn’t amount to anything and that stuck with me and played a big role on how I saw my future, but not anymore. I can become someone who my nephews and maybe even my future kids look up to and come for help because I never had any one to be there for me. I want to be someone my family can be proud of for their sacrifices because they didn’t get the chance to all these opportunities that they have blessed me with.