Research paper: sierra club (due monday, april 11, 2021)

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Project Name: Sierra Club 

Project Goal:  To comprehensively and thoroughly introduce the audience to the important elements in which each of the above has made an impact in recreation and leisure services as leaders in a community.  Your goal is to link your topic in relating it to community recreation leadership elements. 

INSTRUCTIONS:  A major component of your course is to highlight and describe in detail an assigned organization or agency that made, or continues to make a major impact in the field.  Every one of the above organizations/agencies had, or continue to have, and major role in creating community recreation programs or constructs.  You are being asked to describe and detail your assigned organization/agency through a descriptive essay and share the significant influence these organizations play, complete with selected images.

The minimum requirements are 800 words (2 pages –or- 5 paragraphs).  Follow APA 6th ed. guidelines, double spaced, 12 pt new time Roman’s font.