Research paper & annotated bibliography : advertisement

I have a 8-pages research paper and an annotated bibliography(Please take a look of my file and follow the instructions,it’ really important 🙂  

1.This research paper most at least have 8 pages and should be an argumentative research (detail is in the file please follow the guide 🙂 ) 

2.It also need one work cite page and  one page for annotated bibliography. (not included in that 8 pages)

3.all of them use MLA format.

4.My topic is about   

“The Impact of Overly Beauty Advertising on Teenagers”

(I did a intro in the file if you need it 🙂 you also can change the title if you have other good idea)

5.I find some sources in the file you can use it if it helps


DUE day : before 10:00 AM in May 13

 Your essay must be a minimum of 8 Complete pages, not including the bibliography and works cited pages.


Your essay must include at least Four credible sources, but you can of course use more. These sources can come from your research or from class or both.

Your sources no longer than 3 line

Please don’t let your source grow like a paragraph.

Research Paper Title :  “The Impact of Overly Beauty Advertising on Teenagers”

*Please read!! Thank you !!!*

(please focus on  that advertising with perfect picture or over adjust should be banned and make a rule to control it because such advertising is affect the beauty standard of women, especially teenagers.

please make sure have 4 or more argument in this essay.

and 1 more counter argument.

Please Please follow the guide and have annotated bibliography and works cited pages.

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