Reflective paper | LDRS 303 | Trinity Washington University

Reflective Paper – Northouse, Chapter 8 & 10:  Transformational and Servant Leadership 

The purpose of this assignment is for you to:

Demonstrate you have read and understand the chapters on Transformational Leadership and Servant Leadership.

Describe in your own words what it is to be a transformational and servant leader. 

Appy these leadership concepts to your personal experience. 

Part 1: Introduction 

1.Introduce the topic.

2.In your own words, define transformational leadership.

3.In your own words, define servant leadership.

4.Provide the reason ro your choice for the remaider of the assignment.  

Part 2:  Choose one of the following to write about:

A:  Transformational Leadership

1)Reflect on a personal experience with transformational leadership, either when you were leading or following. It can be an example from work or school or any personal experience that you find relevant to the topic of transformational leadership.

2)Reflect on a personal experience where transformational leadership principles would have made poor experiences great experiences. Give an example of a time where the leadership failed or was authoritarian (with little care for the follower’s motivations and needs).

3)Explain how implementing transformational leadership principles would have changed that situation.


B: Servant Leadership

1)Give 3 examples of leaders that you feel demonstrate Servant Leadership principles. Justify your examples with evidence.

2)Describe a moment in your life where you have experienced Servant Leadership. You could be the leader or the follower in the example. How did servant leadership principles affect your motivations and your effort?

3)You have become manager of the TWU collegium. You have 12 volunteer staff and 3 pay stipend staff that you manage. How would you use servant leadership principles to encourage those staff members to provide caring service to the customers?

Assignment Guidelines

•Minimum 2 pages, double-spaced.

•Must be APA 7 Style (see )

•Make sure to use correct APA in-text citations for paraphrased ideas and quoted text.

Due date

Check the due date in Moodle and upload this assignment to the appropriate Dropbox.

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