Read directions below……. 250 word response(liberty university)

 Read the following 3 selections from the Sellers’ text: “The New Year” (p. 69), “Two Hearts” (p. 340), and “How to Touch a Bleeding Dog” (pp. 250–51). Then, select 1 of the 3 short-short stories to explicate through close reading. Per Sellers’ guidance on p. 427, (1) describe the details of your selected story that “provide clues to the conflict;” (2) give the details that “deftly characterize” or describe; and (3) explain “the place where the [story makes] hard turns, changing direction, giving up a large surprise, leaping in time, or changing location.” Your thread must be at least 250 words. You must quote key words and brief passages to support your claims. 

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