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Your team will pick a business sector and then visualize a type of business.  You are not researching a real business, you are creating a fictional business. A. Choose one of these business sectors: 1. Healthcare 2. Manufacturing 3. Transportation (trucking, airlines, etc.) 

Within each section there are many businesses; for example: 1. Healthcare a. Clinic b. Hospital c. Urgent care 2. Manufacturing a. Food manufacturing b. Clothing manufacturing c. Electronic manufacturing 3. Transportation a. Transportation of goods (truck, rail, air) b. Transportation of people 


B. Company structure / organization 1. Create your fictional company leaders and their titles. 2. Provide an organizational chart 3. State the size of your business in terms of number of employees (hint:  Keep it small and manageable)  C. Provide an overview of your business and include a high – level strategy for the business and the supporting IT department. [Service Strategy] 1. What the business needs from Information Technology. 2. Strategies needed to satisfy the business. 3. Describe your vision of how the business will fund technology (Financial Management) 4. Describe any charge-back to departments for your IT services. 5. Describe your company strategy for managing demand for IT services. 

ISEM 570 Project 1 Description  Organization:  Team of 3 – 5 people depending on size of the class.  100 Points  


D. Service Design 1. Describe your service catalog (a table of high-level key offerings from IT). a. Identify Strategic, Tactical, or Operational b. Your service catalog can be a “mock-up” of a Web Page or you can use the “Service Catalog with SLA” sample Excel Document. 2. Identify at least 3 SLA’s per team member and give a high-level description (graphic preferred) of the details. 3. Build a high-level capacity plan. 4. Build a high-level service availability plan. 


Submissions Document  1 Create a MS Word Document with the information you have put together for your group’s company.   


Your MS Word document should contain each of the deliverables listed above.  Format your document in APA standard, including a TITLE page, an Abstract, and any references your group used for the project.  The text should be Times New Roman, 12, double spaced; 1-inch margins on all sides 

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