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 1. You have been assigned to a project risk team of five members. Because this is the first time your organization has formally set up a risk team for a project, it is hoped that your team will develop a process that can be used on all future projects. Your first team meeting is next Monday morning. Each team member has been asked to prepare for the meeting by developing, in as much detail as possible, an outline that describes how you believe the team should proceed in handling project risks. Each team member will hand out his or her proposed outline at the beginning of the meeting. Your outline should include but not be limited to the following information:  Team objectives.  Process for handling risk events.  Team activities.  Team outputs. In addition to your proposed outline, discuss the following: (3 points each) a. How do you get people to talk about risk in a practical manner? b. How can you articulate risk? c. Where is the greatest opportunity to reduce project risks? d. How do you get management to support contingency funds? e. How can we improve estimating procedures for time, cost, and technical risks? 2. The following questions refer to the Report Performance and Perform Integrated Change Control processes. (3 points each) a. Discuss the tools and techniques of the Report Performance process. Briefly describe each of the forecasting methods. b. What elements is Perform Integrated Change Control most concerned with according to the PMBOK® Guide? c. How are the performance measurement baselines affected by change and why should the project manager be concerned about these changes? d. Describe a change control system. e. How is configuration management used in change control? 3. The government plans to increase outsourcing expenditures dramatically in the next several years. How does providing goods and services for the government differ from providing goods and services for other organizations? (5 points) 4. Discuss the use of project archives, formal acceptance, and lessons learned as part of your project’s administrative closure. (10 points) 5. Describe a project experience from your experience where quality assurance was performed, and one where it was not performed. Was there a difference in project outcomes? (5 points)

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