Professional accountability in clinical expertise

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Nurses are responsible for their actions in civil, criminal and contract law (Chesterton, Tetley, & Cox, 2020). Professional accountability in nursing involves the nurses being accountable to the employer, the patient receiving treatment and a union or board. Accountability in nursing has a direct link with the standard of care offered, the safety of patients and decision making (Rubio-Navarro, Garcia-Capilla, & MJ, 2019). It is important to ensure that nurses are responsible for their actions given the risk at hand that is the possibility of losing patients as a result of the negligence of the practitioner or escalating the condition of the patient. This can be improved through ensuring that the nurses are familiar with the standards of practice and also ensuring that those standards are concise and clear in order for the nurses to comprehend what is expected of them. A nurse would demonstrate accountability in evidence-based practice by ensuring that they conduct research on how medication or treatment would impact on the well-being of the patient and ensuring that their knowledge in the medical field is up to date. In clinical expertise, professional accountability encompasses seeking the patient’s consent and regularly checking on the patient’s response to treatment. In the nursing process a nurse would be required to adopt safe practices.


Chesterton, L., Tetley, J., & Cox, N. (2020). A hermeneutical study of professional accountability in nursing. Journal of Clinical Nursing. doi:10.1111/jocn.15539

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