Principles of business and fin assignments3.01 day 2-3 formal project


As you work thorough this project remember Effective goals are manageable. Sometimes a goal can seem overwhelming because of its size. But if it is divided into smaller components, then it becomes easier to manage and is achievable. Part of the reason why goal setting fails is because the lack of understanding of the different types of goals and how they are treated.

  • 3.01-Seven Steps for Setting Goals Worksheet
  • The packet is designed to walk students through the goal setting process.
  • Click (Links to an external site.) here to select “make a copy” in Google Docs if you did not do this Friday. Complete the worksheet though steps 5. You will do Steps 6 and 7 tomorrow and once completed go to Submit Assignment, select Google Doc tab, find the file to submit.

NOTE: For the last activity you will need pictures that relate to your goals. Save images/photos/etc to your google drive. Pictures from your cell phone can be emailed to your CMS school account. Have this completed before the Day 2 of this project.

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