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For this assignment, you will identify any dataset in the course (see: ~content –> ~datasets) and prepare a PowerPoint presentation with data visualizations and graphics from RStudio. Using (6-8 slides) in PowerPoint describe a potential problem related to your chosen dataset. The target audience is a manager who you are trying to convince to initiate a project to investigate the potential issues.


  • Begin with a description of your chosen dataset and describe its significance to the reader
  • Where necessary, you may make assumptions about any specifics. 
  • You are required to add comments about your content in your presentation notes.
    • Only exception is if you create a video. 
    • This is always needed if you are not presenting content live
  • Draw from the assigned readings (and independent research) to identify what additional topics should be included.
    • If you feel that slide information is not self-explanatory, add additional details in the presentation notes.
  • Your slides should contain minimal text (one or two lines maximum) that briefly reinforce your data visualizations.

Reply Post

Reply to 2 – 3 posts on your classmates’ posting, providing your thoughts on the issues presented.

Provide your response on whether you (as a manager) would approve/disapprove of the project based on the results of the presentation.