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Here is the caption that originally ran with this photo: In this Wednesday, March 30, 2011 photograph, Geano Ortis stands near his girlfriend Clara Biggs on a cold morning outside their tent at Backwoods tent city in Camden, N.J. A year after the original Tent City was closed down, Ortis became the “mayor” of Backwoods. In April 2011 Ortis and Biggs moved to an apartment. A year after the closing of the Tent City community, some of the former homeless have found homes, and happiness, though others are following twists and turns that originally led them to the streets. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

Answer these two questions in separate posts:

1. Why do people become homeless?

2. Why does our country have such a high poverty rate? What steps could be taken to help reduce this rate?

I don’t need a paper. This is a discussion question.

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