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Read the assigned reading from the chapter. Then choose ONE of the questions below to answer. Answer the question you chose in a response that is a minimum of 1-2 paragraphs.

Be sure to explain your answers and give reasons for your views. You should cite the textbook and use brief quotations and summaries from the textbook in your response. Do NOT use any other sources besides the textbook

  1. Imagine that you are convinced your own society is structured better or worse than other societies. How would you argue such a position.
  2. Plato thinks its possible for a society to be just without equality. Explain his reason for this and how it fits into his model of ideal government. How much and what type of inequality or equality is acceptable for justice?
  3. Respond to the Philosophy Now exercise questions on page 363 concerning “Merit or Equality: Who Gets to Live?”
  4. Explain Locke’s view of the purpose of government as it’s related to his view that people have a right to rebel against a government that abuses its power. Under what conditions does he think such a revolution is justifiable? 
  5. Compare and contrast classical liberalism and welfare liberalism.