Nutrition | English homework help

1. Neil, a 70-year-old man, lives alone at his house in a suburban area.  His wife died a year ago. He doesn’t have many friends; his wife was his primary confidante.  His neighbors across the street and next door are friendly, and Neil used to help them with yard projects in his spare time.  Neil’s health has been good, but recently he has had trouble with his teeth.  His diet has been poor, and in the past 3 months, his physical and mental vigor has deteriorated. He has been slowly lapsing into depression, so he keeps the shades drawn and rarely leaves his house. Neil keeps very little food in the house because his wife did most of the cooking and shopping, and he just isn’t interested in food. 

If you were Neil’s friend or relative and learned of his situation, what are 3 things you could do or suggest to improve his nutritional status and mental outlook?

2. Discuss your impressions of Dan Buettner’s  Ted Talk, “How to Live to Be !00+”, and his findings from the Blue Zones. 

How would communities in the U.S. replicate the tenants of the Blue Zones?

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