Negotiation | Management homework help

A student who presents negotiation experience is required to write a minimum of a 2-page summary which includes a personal analysis. The page count excludes title page, abstract and reference pages. The paper must be APA formatted.

1) Choose a negotiation you were involved in either personally or through your business. It can be one you will be involved in as well.

Use the following as a guide to discussing your negotiation:

Preparing for Negotiations (Before you negotiate)

An advantage to you – Don’t start any negotiation unless you can win something.

Clarify your Aims – What do you want?

Gather Information – Get facts and figures but not too much.

Don’t go it alone – Build alliances.

Get a BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) – Have a second-best deal waiting in the wings.

Prepare the setting – Get home advantage if you can.

Prepare yourself mentally – Increase your power by being ready.

Worksheet and key points – Complete the worksheet and review the topic.

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