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First, list the 8 stages of Instructional Design by Gagne and Briggs.

Then, comment on the following:

* As teacher, you will need to be able to evaluate your given curriculum or to create curriculum that is meaningful to the learning experiences of students. As administrator, similar is expected; how will you (as teacher or administrator) evaluate curriculum (and instructional designs) to assess whether or not your classroom (or school) is meeting desired outcomes? What should be considered? 

The eight stages of Instructional Design by Gagne and Briggs


Stage 1: Analyze Requirements

S–2.tage 2: Identify Learning Objectives

Stage3: Develop Design

Stage 4: Create A Storyboard

Stage 5: Develop Prototype

Stage 6: Develop Training

Step 7: Deliver Training

Step 8: Evaluate Impact

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