Need a lab report for general chemistry done on identifying acids and

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will send the actual experiment data that will be needed for the report when deal is done.

Report requirements:


Discussion of Results 30 points






1. Each goal in group component is discussed. 2 points




2. All conclusions are supported with experimental results. 8 points




3. All support is clearly explained/developed. 10 points




4. Problems/discrepancies are discussed and impact explained. 5 points




5. Each part of project is included and clearly discussed. 5 points




Scientific Explanation of claims/support 28 points






Here the student will evaluate their findings. They will compare their findings to scientific




principles found in literature (text) or other outside sources. Be sure and correctly




reference your sources.




1. Scientific explanation is clearly given for each claim/conclusion. The




claims/conclusions that agree are clearly identified. 13 points




2. Results that do not support accepted scientific principle are identified. 5 points




3. Plausible explanations are given for results that do not support accepted scientific




principles. 5 points




4. References are included and listed/cited correctly. 5 points