Module 05 written assignment – compare and contrast patient encounter | M229/HIM2652 Section 01 Healthcare Information Technologies | Rasmussen College System

Write a 2-page essay covering the following:

  • Describe telemedicine.
  • Describe e-visits.
  • Compare and contrast telemedicine and e-visits.
  • Include elements such as:
    • The definitions of each approach
    • The benefits and drawbacks of each
    • The costs or obstacles to implementation
    • The relative benefits to patients
  • Use at least two sources for your essay, and don’t forget to cite your sources (your textbook is a source, so it should be cited).

Be sure to proofread your work for correct grammar and spelling. And don’t forget to cite your sources using APA format. For more information on APA, please visit the Online Library, which is available through the Resources tab.

No plagiarism allowed. 

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