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BDO has approached our class with a problem they would like solved on teams and conflict. In class, you and your team took on the roles of two employees on different sides of their plan to include a media campaign and implementation of a CRM tool.

Now, it’s time to write up your recommendations in a memo format. You and your team should now take a broader view. Thinking about what we have learned about teams and conflict, BDO needs to develop a conflict management plan. As the new marketing plan goes into effect, managers at all the branches will encounter similar situationsto the one we acted out in class.

The conflict management plan should help managers as they encounter employees who are resistant to sharing the information of their contacts to the CRM tool. What does your team recommend? Keep in mind what you have learned about teams, creating an effective team, and managing conflict.

I. Header:


II. Opening

III. Context

IV. Task Segment

V. Summary (optional)

VI. Discussion

VII. Closing

VIII. Attachments (optional)

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