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Elaboration is when information is brought to mind and thought about, explored, and examine for more than just a moment or two.  There are different techniques for doing this.  A few are listed below:

Past experiences – If a person elaborates on past experiences they may recall them and the feelings they evoked.  For example if you went to Disney World as a child you may remember this as an important and significant event in your past.  You may recall how happy it made you feel.

Empathy and Identification – This type of elaboration occurs when someone remembers how they felt during a certain event.  For example if a person takes out the trash and the trash bag broke they can understand and have empathy for others who have had the same experience because they know personally how it feels to have a trash bag break.  

Cueing and Preserving Memories – A person will elaborate on an event if they keep something to remind them of that event.  For example, if a you went to Disney World and purchased a hat with Mickey ears and kept that hat as a keepsake of the event, then every time you look at it, it will remind you of the fun you had during your time there. 

Using the techniques described above complete the following:

You are a marketing directory for a Candy Store.  Describe how you would use the following episodic memories to help consumers feel elaborate about a Candy Store.

1) Past experiences

2) Empathy and Identification

3) Cueing and preserving autobiographical memories