Marketing discussion question (need with in 20 hours)


Access a copy of this University of Vermont Football Team Marketing Plan:

You have been hired as the Marketing Director to carry out the marketing plan now that the Stadium is reopening after COVID 19. 

How would you address:

1.     In terms of social network marketing strategy,

(a) what are the likely characteristics of the University of Vermont fans and

(b) what should the University of Vermont fan’s Facebook fan page contain?

2.     What kind of special promotion gift days (with premiums) and event days (no premiums) can University of Vermont Football Department use to increase attendance by targeting these
fan segments:

(a) 14 and under,
(b) 15 and over,

(c) other special fan segments, and

(d) all fans?

3.     What more would you implement, in accordance with the mission and vision of the plan?

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