Lesson 7 assignment | Literature homework help

Using ideas from the web articles, write a 3-5 paragraph essay in which you briefly compare and contrast Sarty Snopes’s moral and psychological maturation with that of one other character or speaker from the Lesson 7 readings.

(Sarty Snope is from the reading barn Burning)

These are the web articles where you will get ideas from: 


And these are the readings: 

  1. Faulkner, William, “Barn Burning”, pp. 1137-1149 
  2. Hughes, Langston, “Slave on the Block,” pp. 1166-1171 
  3. —. “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”, p. 1475 
  4. —. “Theme for English B”, pp. 1481-1482 
  5. Wright, Richard, “The Man Who Was Almost a Man”, pp. 1222-1231

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