Journal – the electoral college


This assignment provides you the opportunity to evaluate why the electoral college is relevant in America’s democratic system and discuss how the electoral college protects citizens from unequal representation in the voting process.

In order to better understand our US election system and discern the difference between the popular vote and the electoral college, you will be writing a journal discussion on what you learn from the sources below:
Read this article from the Washington Post entitled, “In Defense of the Electoral College” by Allen Guelzo and James Hulme,November 15, 2016.
View the following short video segment “Do you Understand the Electoral College?”
Watch VideoDo You Understand the Electoral College?Duration: (5:03)
User: n/a – Added: 5/18/15YouTube URL:

After viewing the video and reading the news article, please answer the following questions by using examples from each source. Remember to use complete sentences and proper grammar.If the election relied solely on the popular vote, how might many Americans votes ‘not count’ toward the election outcome? Explain.
While some opponents of the electoral college claim that the electoral college was set up to reinforce the institution of slavery, what did you read that disputes this argument?
Why was the electoral college results significant in the presidential election of 2016?
What meaning do you gather from the political cartoon provided that shows the map of the United States without the electoral college?

Popular Vote Map 11-19-16

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