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A master patient index (MPI) is an index of patients seen in a healthcare facility. The patient visits are linked together by a single identifier, such as the medical record number. Enterprise MPIs (EMPI) is a database that houses the information. By completing this assignment, you will enhance your understanding of master patient indexes (MPIs) and enterprise master patient indexes (EMPIs).


In this assignment, you will review the article Fundamentals for Building a Master Patient Index/Enterprise Master Patient Index (2010). Then, you will answer questions about MPIs and EMPIs. These questions relate to the purpose, standards, quality elements, benefits, data elements, methods, and data mining related to MPIs or EMPIs.

After reviewing the article, respond to these questions:

· What is the purpose of maintaining an enterprise MPI?

· What standards govern EMPIs, and what is the purpose of having such standards?

· What are the quality elements of an EMPI?

· What are the benefits of maintaining an accurate EMPI?

· What data elements are included in an MPI?

· What is the purpose of maintaining an enterprise-wide MPI?

· What are the methods to prevent duplicate entries?

· How is data mining related to a data dictionary and/or MPI?