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Complete the following assignment by the due date:

  I do not need any source, just read material and answer question.

Reading the book: MacLaughlin, Steve. (2016). Data Driven Nonprofits. Saltire Press.

  • Chapter 4 – Driven
  • Chapter 5 – Magic
  • Chapter 6 – Pyrite  
  • Respond to the following question: Discuss one challenge and one opportunity for nonprofits to improve their use of data and analytics.
  • Responses should consider about how nonprofits currently utilize data and metrics to inform decisions that produce value and impact.
  • Responses will be evaluated on, grammar, challenge or opportunity identification, and the ability to clearly articulate the implications associated with the nonprofit sector.
    This is assignment is worth 20 points.
  • Word Count (475 – 500 Words) – 4 points
  • Clarity of Writing – 4 points
  • Identification and articulation of topic – 4 points
  • Incorporation of pertinent course content (lectures, readings, discussions) – 4 points
  • Real-World Application – 4 points

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