Inf10003 – assignment 1 | Management homework help

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INF10003 – Assignment 1


Your assignment should be presented in the form of a comprehensive report with images to support your statements and proposed designs. It is also expected that the report will also include references from sources external to the ones already provided.


Main Submission Requirements/Structure

The structure of your report should include the following:

• Executive Summary *

• Table of Contents *

• Introduction*


Evaluations of the business:

• Industry Background

• Business model and environment (business model type, target audience)

• Value proposition

• SWOT analysis and discussion

• Porters 5 forces Analysis


Report Expectations

• The word expectation for this assessment is to be within the 1500 words (+/- 10%).

• This assignment is an individual assessment item only (not group work).

• Report items marked with a “ * ” do not count towards the final word count.

• An assessment cover sheet is provided in the Blackboard site and must be used.


• Assignments without a cover sheet will have their marks withheld.