Individual reflection paper | Marketing homework help

 Hi there! I am currently working on a project. The description of the project is below:

We are working for a medical center, and they would like to expand their clientele with more people within a 5 mile radius of the location. They also want to look into expanding in the 30s and 40s age as they primarily attend to the elder clientele. So basically we are going to help them grown in numbers and people by providing a growth plan or marketing plan. The owner of the medical center said the place is pretty old school, so their marketing and expansion needs some help with new technologies to grow! Now we have completed the group work and the project. Now the final step for each of the group member is to write an individual reflection paper to express his or her experience (The details of this paper that I am requesting is attached.) Please review carefully as it is very important to stay on topic. If you have any questions, please let me know to avoid rework. Please only do 10 pages for this assignment. 

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