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In this assignment, you will be analyzing sorting data, insertion sort algorithm, multidimensional arrays, and indexed files. Instructions: 

Part I. 

Research: 1. Insertion sort, which is one of the other sorting techniques introduced in this chapter. Create an algorithm to implement an insertion sort. 

2. Methods for sorting data files. You should produce a brief report discussing the different sorting options that can be used. 

Part II. 

1. Discuss the issues involved in sorting large data files. Explain how indexing is used to overcome this issue. 

2. Explain the difference between physical order and logical order. Requirements: 

• Show your work in a Word document. o Include all your work for each question. 

o You can include screenshots of work done on paper. 

• For all justification exercises, remember to use the definitions and principles that we have learned thus far.

• You must prepare a written work where you respond to the programming exercises. The work must comply with APA academic writing standards. You must support your answer using appropriate sources that are properly cited. 

• Minimum four pages in length, excluding the Title and Reference page. 

• APA format, including an in-text citation for referenced works. 

• At least three resources. Be sure to read the criteria by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after you write

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