In what ways does the wsq framework address challen brought about by

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Training and Developmen, 600 words


Assignment Question: In what ways does the WSQ Framework address challen brought about by VUCA environment?


Turnitin Similarity: 20%


APA format


Min. 3 Reference different sources of information


Assignment questions is at the attachment photo, please follow the attachment as a simple guide for the assignment. 




1. Description of the WSQ Framework 

• Description of the WSQ Framework provides clear and succinct of its intentions and feature


Key attributes of the framework are described in relation to its intentions. 


2. Description of the VUCA Environment 

• Description of the VUCA environment is analytical.


The descriptions of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are accompanied by analysis of its emergence and trends.


3. Relations between the WSQ Framework and VUCA Environment 

• Critical Relationships between the WSQ Framework and VUCA Environment were identified.


Links are insightful and original.


4. Mechanics of Writing  

• Satisfies the stipulated word count of the assignment requiremeets.


In-text citations done according to APA format with little or no mistakes. Referencing follows the APA format but with little or no mistakes. Sufficient and authoritative resources referenced. 


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